We cover the emerging topic of yield forecasting in the Greenhouse by focusing on the special relationship between the grower, marketer and buyer.

More sophisticated technologies are becoming available for growers to create more accurate forecasts. We’ll be going over how this technology works, and why growers should consider digitizing their forecasting process.


The advantages of increased forecasting precision are evident across the supply chain. As these systematic approaches to forecast become the norm, marketers may begin to expect a higher level of accuracy from their growers


One of the biggest mistakes that growers can make is to over-rely on any single data point. There are many factors involved in forecasting that growers need to consider to create accurate predictions.


Forecasting is crucial to the success of any greenhouse to ensure the successful fulfillment of contracts. The more confident a greenhouse can be with the accuracy of its forecast, the more confident it can be in working with marketers.

Yield Forecasting Whitepaper

Sales Forecasting for Greenhouse Owners and Growers

 A data-driven approach to optimizing sales revenue

Download the free PDF guide on how to accurately forecast sales based on yield production of crops in the modern greenhouse. 


Easy Yield Forecasting Platform for every greenhouse

We keep your sales forecast aligned with real-time yield production, so you can focus on what's important - maximizing ROI.

Save money

Lower treatment and application costs by being proactive.


Real-time insights

Right at the touch of your finger, you receive actionable intel giving you peace of mind.


Yield Forecast

Get accurate crop forecasts up to 4 weeks in the future for fulfilling sales orders.


Optimize Sales

Maximize the value of your yield by accurately meeting your commitments and guaranteeing best market prices.

"Once ecoation’s forecasts were calibrated they were consistently more accurate than my own forecasts"

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