Spectrally controlled LED lights used by greenhouses may affect spatial patterns of pest development. Find out how leading Ontario pepper producer, Allegro Acres, began using the ecoation platform to test this technology, and what their findings were.


The ecoation platform was set up in a 47,520m² Allegro greenhouse. The space contained 330 90m rows that were all individually recognized by ecoation’s OKO. Each row in the greenhouse was split into 5m long posts for further detail. 


With ecoation’s OKO technology, collecting data to form meaningful conclusions becomes a much more streamlined process.

Exploring Greenhouse Pests relationship with LED Lights

Innovative IPM strategies for Greenhouse Owners and Growers

 A data-driven approach to optimizing pest management

Download the research on how a leading Ontario pepper producer began using the ecoation platform to test LED light relationship with IPM.


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